March 2012

V&N Advanced Automation Systems, LLC has achieved a level of growth that has allowed us to create our new subsidiary, V&N Aerospace, and acquire an additional 7,200 sq. ft. facility here in Rockledge, FL.  These new developments will help V&N maintain our current path of job creation in Brevard County and help us expand and better serve our customer base worldwide.

Older News
July 2011
V&N celebrates 7 years in business. Thank you to our staff, vendors & customers that have been with us on our successful journey.
June 2010
V&N staying busy with many new projects in the works.
January 2010
Business starts to pick up again and V&N welcomes new start.
Feb. - Oct. 2009
V&N experienced a challenge with the decline in the economy.
June 2008
V&N says goodbye to Jordan Frampton who relocated with family to Tennessee and welcomed Keli Berres to the company.
March 2008
VNAAS is excited to announce the completion and launch of their new website.
December 2007
VNAAS begins yet another expansion which will double their office space capacity.
October 2007
VNAAS launches new series of automated tabletop vacuum systems. These systems have a standard layout but can be customized virtually anyway to meet customers needs. They can be designed to meet the needs as a space simulator to a coating system, they can be manually operated to fully automated, and they can have a variety of different chamber styles and sizes such as bell jar, cylindrical, clam shell, etc.
June 2007
VNAAS completes installation and testing of a large automated vacuum pumping system in Oakridge National Laboratories.
March 2007
VNAAS welcomes a baby boy to the VNAAS family. Congratulations Jeff Budd and Family.
February 2007
  • VNAAS welcomes a baby boy to the VNAAS family. Congratulations Endre Visi and Family.
  • VNAAS completes the 3,000 square foot addition to their building.
  • VNAAS delivers largest system refurbishment in company history (footprint of 1500 square feet).
December 2006
VNAAS goes international and delivers its first automated system to an overseas customer.
October 2006
VNAAS breaks ground for the planned 3,000 square foot building addition.
April 2006
VNAAS receives the Minority Supplier of the Year award for outstanding service to a Fortune 500 company during 2005. This award recognizes minority owned suppliers who have demonstrated excellence in the areas of Quality, Delivery, Communications, Cost Competitiveness, and other areas that may be deserving of recognition.
March 2006
VNAAS announces plans for another expansion. VNAAS, after just 6 months in their new building will begin plans to add up to 3,000 square feet to their existing 11,000 square foot building. This addition will provide VNAAS with additional system assembly space and a devoted research & development area. Their (VNAAS) rapid growth is attributed to their success in the manufacturing, production, and research and development of advanced automation vacuum systems. This addition is a necessary part of their (VNAAS) continued plans for growth.
October 2005
VNAAS announces their expansion into a new facility. VNAAS recently purchased a new building and plans to move into it by mid October. This new facility (415 Gus Hipp Blvd) is located just down the road from the original facility (525-A Gus Hipp Blvd). The new facility more than doubles the office, assembly, and inventory space than that of the original facility. It also has a significant amount of property which provides room for future expansions to the building.
August 2005
VNAAS announces the launch of it's all new website. The new website will provide a larger presence on the internet, provide greater information to potiential clients, and make contacting us easier.